Having last years’ experience, we improved our workshop choice method, allowing us to be more efficient and transparent. The sooner your payment is registered, the higher chances you have to be assigned to your favourite workshop.


Workshop registration rules:

1. The time and date of registered payment will be used as a priority clause when choosing the workshop.

ATTENTION!!! When distributing the workshops, we will take into account the timestamp of your payment, NOT the date when you created the account.

WE RECOMMEND YOU PAY ONLINE RATHER THAN BY BANK, so the process takes less time. If you pay through the bank, we ask you to send a photo of your recipe at with the Subject ‘Payment Proof’ so we can check the exact time of your payment. Otherwise, the completion of the transaction through bank takes longer and it might not reflect the actual date when you paid.

2. The remaining spots for workshops will be updated in real time after each transaction, allowing you to decide whether to pay for an option that includes a workshop or not.

3. Each participant will have to choose from the available workshops and sort them in order of their preference. You can only take part in one of the chosen workshops.

We estimate the sorting will take place around 4th-6th of May.


How late is not too late? Don’t worry, we will periodically update the approximate number of spots that are still available, so you know how many people have signed up and paid before you. If there are (for example) 50 people who signed up for a workshop in which only 10 people can take part, we will prioritize based on the date they paid for the congress. Also, if the workshop is destined for 5th year students, they will be given priority to choose that certain workshop over (for example) 2nd year students.


More to be announced soon!