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“We believe in impeccable finishes and elegance at its most simple and pure, with no overstatements. 

We believe the value of a product must be palpable: from the fabric, to the stiches, to the last accessory. We’ve been learning every day for the past 20 years and are using this expertise to create premium women’s prêt-a-porter.

Elegance should not mean a lack of comfort so we aim for outfits that make you feel at ease,give you confidence and bring a smile to your face”.

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  The Univer Group, headquartered in Kecskemét, was founded in 1948 and is fully controlled by Hungarian owners. By today, it has evolved to become a prominent player in Hungary’s food industry and trade field. The company provides a livelihood for some 1300 people all in all, making it a significant employer in Kecskemét. 
  Univer primarily owes its recognition to its typical Hungarian products, which count as indispensable condiments for Hungarian cuisine—Erős Pista and Red Gold—and are made at the company’s Hetényegyháza compound, along with Univer Goulash paste, Édes Anna and the onion/garlic pastes. Newer additions to our Hungarian style product range include Karikás Pista—fresh hot paprika slices in their own juice—and Haragos Pista, an extra hot freshly ground paprika product.
  The range of the products the company markets is much broader still: Univer mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, salad dressings and table sauces are produced in Kecskemét, along with premium fruit jams, juices, tomato based products and baby food.
  Univer makes no secret of its goal to introduce the inimitable flavours of Hungarian cuisine to as many people living beyond Hungary’s borders as possible in the hope of developing their liking for those. In connection with this, export operations have been getting an increasingly greater role apart from domestic sales. Among our current foreign markets, Romania is the most significant, but the company’s products can be found all over the world: in Germany, Poland, the United States, Canada or even Australia.

Află mai multe despre noi pe http://www.univer.hu/en/

Pelican Hospital is one of the biggest private hospitals in the country, stretching over 4000 square meters in surface and 4 stories high. With a total capacity of 138 beds in rooms of one or two, it is currently the biggest hospital in the country by numbers of daily hospitalized patients. All patients here are closely watched 24/7.

  The surgery unit currently has 8 operating rooms, excellent technical endowment and really innovative systems of air control and sterilization for the ORs. Moreover surgical equipment is sterilized in formaldehyde and the units also make use of a sterilized water system. Minimal invasive operating techniques put together with extremely proficient medical technique make sure that both the hospitalization and recovery time are made shorter.
  In our hospital we successfully house the following specialties with over 450 interventions a month: Orthopedics, Urology, General Surgery, Ob-Gyn, Ophthalmology, ENT, Neurosurgery. Moreover, besides these surgical specialties, patients can also benefit from treatments and hospitalizations for the following medical areas of expertise: Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Diabetology, Dermatology  

Află mai multe despre noi pe http://www.spitalpelican.ro/



    Our company  offers a whole range of disposable, single use items for the hotel, restaurant and catering businesses as well as  bakeries  and meat markets. We are also known for having high quality services offering qualified consultancy concerning     packaging  options with  a great promptness. 

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  It sounds delicious and beautiful. The name initially was known for our bretzels of 1 RON a piece, but as the time passed, we have developed new products. Wide-spreaded all over the city, this name is always visible from the main street. Almost 2 years ago, pizza was the  newest addition to the Delissima menu.
  The Pizzeria started right and concentrated on quality. It began with just e few pizza assortments, but now has a more complete menu which include salads, natural fresh juice, milkshakes and lemonades. Not only the taste got better, but the service of delivery itself got to a  new level.
  We know that nothing is impossible, and we don't want to stop here. Always improving, always learning, because we don't want to settle  for the ordinary.

   Află mai multe despre noi pe www.delissima.ro

  Cu o grijă neîncetată pentru nevoile celor care ne trec pragul, cu entuziasm și atenție pentru cele mai mici detalii, suntem într-o transformare continuă. Pe ideea diversității în unitate se construiește nucleul Marty, nucleu în care sunt aduse laolaltă gusturi din întreaga lume, în combinații bogate și inedite. 

  Primitori, grijulii, de încredere și plini de energie, promitem să fim întotdeauna o companie plăcută, ne angajăm deschis să tratăm fie care client, de fiecare dată, printr-o servire impecabilă și o atenție permanentă la detalii și să răspundem tuturor                                                                                       cerințelor cu promptitudine și profesionalism. 

  Ne lăsăm conduși de pasiune și avem curajul de a pune în fața costurilor, calitatea și satisfacerea deplină a celor care ne calcă pragul, ne preparăm cu pricepere propria cafea, inventăm în fiecare săptămână noi feluri de mâncare și înainte de toate căutăm, zi de zi, să ne autodepășim, servind preparate excepționale într-un mod constant și corect, într-o atmosferă plăcută și prietenoasă, în care zâmbetele sunt mereu din partea casei.

  Află mai multe despre noi pe www.martyrestaurants.com


  Povestea noastră a început în 2008 când am plantat primele vițe la Rătești, județul Satu Mare. Avem plantate următoarele soiuri: Riesling Italian, Sauvignon Blanc, Fetească Regală, Muscat Ottonel, Traminer, Cabernet Sauvignon, Fetească Neagră, Pinot Noir, Merlot.

  Zona Răteștiului are o veche tradiție viticolă. Până în 1989, în această regiune au fost plantate în exclusivitate soiuri albe, dar noi am plantat o suprafață destul de generoasă și cu soiuri roșii, având convigerea că schimbările climatice au făcut ca și nordul țării să poată da vinuri roșii valoroase. Azi avem un total de 205 ha pe o rază de 30km.

  Vă invităm să savuraţi Fetească regală, Un vin elegant, cu miros plăcut de fructe exotice; gust savuros, proaspăt, ce aminteşte de merele Golden, pere şi piersici precum si Fetească neagră, un vin cu aromă de fructe de padure cu iz de prună uscată, fin şi elegant condimentat.

   Află mai multe despre noi pe www.cramaratesti.ro/romana


What is Caffeine? - Simply said, it is your daily dose of energy, good vibe and joy.

Where can it be found? - In coffee beans, tea leaves, nuts, cocoa beans and indeed, in Cluj-Napoca, on Petru Maior Street 15-19,just right                                                          across the city hall.

What is it used for? - We strongly believe it is the perfect treatment for sleepiness, tiredness, and for those moments when we say: „I am                                                    just not in the mood!”

How and when is it functioning? - Caffeine is open daily between 7 am and 6 pm, and also on Saturdays from 8 in the morning until 2                                                                               o’clock in the afternoon. And as an answer to the how question, we make sure that when you taste the                                                                         Caffeine specialities, you immediately become reactivated, more aware and efficient. Trust us, your                                                                                brain will say „Thank you!”

                                                                         What is it waiting you with? - With a large variety of coffee specialties, hot and cold drinks, natural juices, all these in a vibrant environment,                                                                                                                                       oh yes true, as you like it!

                                                                         Caffeine: your coffee to UP & GO!

                        www.inter-auto.ro                                                                                         www.euromedicahospital.ro                                                              www.operaplaza.ro  



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