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The medicine current stage of development is certainly dominated by microscopic investigation and molecular biology, which achieved unexpected performance within the last decade.  Progress was made in all fields of medicine and histology was no exception. Functional histology, histochemistry and electron microscopy data, introduced in the second half of the 20th century, had the merit to clarify a number of fundamental morpho-functional processes and to establish connections with theoretical and practical pathology data. Bringing together the fundamental concepts of cell structure - tissue is not only necessary but also mandatory. Virtually there is no clinical discipline that does not make reference to the normal structure of organs, hence the importance of acquiring histological skills by medicine university students.


Accordingly it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the second edition of ”Victor Papilian Jr.- physician and educator ” Histology Contest, which will be held in our beloved city, Cluj-Napoca.

The competition relies on solid general and special histological knowledge (chapters involved: epithelia, conjunctive tissues, muscular tissues, nervous tissues/nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, renal system, endocrine system) and correlated  clinical cases.

The participants may apply their theoretical notions and histological ability for establishing a positive and differential diagnosis, for an accurate identification and description of observed structural elements. They may also be able to correlate the histological knowledge with clinical data in a case investigation.

Teams of 5 people will be formed, from Romanian, English and French sections of our university. International students or students from other romanian universities, with a keen interest in histology are expected to join the local teams, this way raising their competitiveness. Important! Students coming from another universities should have the teams already formed!

Duration of the competition: 2, 30 hours.

The contest will consist of two tests:

  1. A theoretical part (1h,30 min.) implying:
    1. tests of knowledge and understanding (10 multiple choice questions; 2 learning outcomes - sentences to be filled, structures description, explanations of different phenomena; e.g. macrophage phagocytosis, mast cells process of degranulation and its clinical importance) and
    2.  tests for analytical ability (one comparative table based on criteria that can differentiate between given histological structures; one synthesis subject; one clinical case investigation)
  2.  A practical one (30 min.) with 15 multiple answers photos - coloured arrows indicate the elements of interest.

Bibliography: Junqueira’s Basic Histology


Good Luck to everybody!


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