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Capsules from Fish  Fokhrul Abu Talha Bin Munira Sirajum Under review View

Capsules from Fish

Medical Science

Author(s): Fokhrul Abu Talha Bin

Coauthor(s): Munira Sirajum

Coordinator(s): Assistant Professor Hasib Rahman

Keywords: Fish gelatin Acidity Eco-friendly Kitchen waste

Introduction: Can capsules (Pharmacy) from fish gelatin be a safe alternative to capsules from animal gelatin? So in this paper, we will discuss the effectiveness of an alternative capsule from fish gelatin for all the people around the world which will be cheaper and greatly useful for our body.

Material and Method: Independent variables:  Boiled water 

Dependent variables: 
 Gum Tragacanth 
 Titanium Oxide 
 Fish scales, bones and fins 
 Mortar and pestle 
 Beaker 
 Sorbitol
At first, we have to take necessary quantities of fish scales and bones, boil them at a temperature of 130-140 degrees and triturate the disinfected fish bones and scales with a mortar and pestle. Then we will mix the resulting powder with Gum Tragacanth and sorbitol to make it gummy or sticky and mix Titanium Oxide(.0425gm/1kg) with the mixture. Now, if we dip a metal inside this mixture, we will get fish capsules.

Results: Fish scales, bones and fins are regarded as kitchen waste but we can reuse them through recycling to keep the environment clean and healthy. Capsules made of animal gelatin can not exist in more than 15 degrees but capsules from fish gelatin can exist upto 30 degrees. An interesting thing is that it can prevent acidity for upto 12 hours and it is proved theoretically.

Conclusion: The aim of this presentation is to create an eco-friendly environmental system that will help turn kitchen waste into something that can save millions of lives.

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