Fees & Payments

Step 1:  Create an account! 

We associate a payment with one account, so it is important you have one before you pay! 

If you do not have one already, you can create one following this link.

Step 2: Pick the option you like most!    

Due to changes in the way we assign workshop places, we removed Early & Late payment options.

The payment period will be between 4th December 201730th April 2018.

 Option 1

 Option 2

 Option 3

80 RON (20 EUR)

150 RON (35 EUR)

200 RON (45 EUR)

  • Conference attendance 
  • Coffee breaks 
  • Bag with promotional materials 
  • Participation at opening and closing ceremony 
  • Diploma

Option 1 +

  • Possibility to apply for a workshop
  • Participation at the cocktail party 
  • Participation at the thematic party

Option 2 +

  • Participation at the Gala Dinner

      UMF Cluj Students pay only 60 RON(15 EUR) for Option 1.

     Resident Physicians can only choose Option 2 or 3. Specialists can only choose Option 3.

    Accommodation is NOT included in the participation fee !!!

In case you need a refund, the return fee will be deducted from the total amount! You can request a refund until 1st of May 2018 (Expect the refund process to take around to 2 weeks)!!! 

Step 3: Pick a payment method! 

  1. Online Payment(from MyAccount)
  2. Payment by bank account                                                          

                     Beneficiary: OSM Cluj

                     Bank account for RON: RO22BTRL01301205K6097900

                     Bank account for EUR: RO15BTRL01304205K60979XX Swift code: BTRLRO22

                                                        Bank address: George Baritiu Street no 8, 400027, Cluj-Napoca

Please make sure that you also pay the deposit fee (5 RON OR 1 EUR) since the deposit fee is not included in the option fee! (Payment by bank account only) 

If you pay through the bank, we ask you to send a photo of your recipe at secretariatmedicalis@gmail.com with the Subject ‘Payment Proof’. Please note that your payment status will not be updated automatically.