Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register an abstract to your congress?

First of all, you need to Register yourself as an active participant.
Then you need to log in with your email and your selected password.
You need to go to create paper tab on the left side of your user panel.

How to add a coauthor?

The person you are trying to add needs to be registered as an active participant or as a co-author.
When you are in the Co-author selection field, his/her name can be selected from the list of users that are registered.

Do I need a visa to travel to Romania?

Participants who proceed from outside EU countries may require a visa for traveling to Romania.
This depends on the nationality and how long they intend to stay in Romania.
For more information on visa please visit Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Can I get an invitation letter for my visa?

Yes, if you need an invitation letter, please make sure you check the field “invitation letter for visa” with “yes”, found in the registration form.
We will contact you if needed and make sure it gets delivered to the postal address you have filled in and through e-mail.
Please make sure you fill in your personal information correctly!
Concerning participants who require an invitation letter for their visa, the registration period ends on 16th of March 2018.
This date also represents the last day when we are able to send your invitation letter, so please make sure you submit your application form until this date.
You will receive your invitation letter after you send us (Secretary dept.) a certificate from your university confirming your student status.

Do I need to confirm my arrival?

Yes! You will be informed on how to confirm your arrival at Medicalis at the appropriate time.

What happens in case of withdrawal?

In case you change your mind about participating at Medicalis after applying, withdrawal is of your own choice but tax refund is only possible until

1st of May 2018. Moreover, the return tax will be deducted from the total amount !!

How much time do I need to wait for your response?

       No more than 3 days, usually sooner. We will answer as soon as possible.