Thanks to our collaborators from Clujul Medical this year all the selected abstracts will be published as a journal supplement. The top three papers in each category will appear in full format in one of the Clujul Medical issues. You can access the on-line version of the journal and more information about Clujul Medical here http://www.clujulmedical.umfcluj.ro/index.php/cjmed.


 The abstract should be structured as follows:

1. Title: Should be a relatively unambiguous sentence describing the research. Must be in upper case letters only.
2. Background&aims: Give the information needed to present the background of your research and clearly state the aim of your work.
3. Materials and methods: Describe the design of your scientific approach, including the materials used, the method and the statistical criteria applied.
4. Results: State briefly the findings revealed by your study.
5. Conclusion: Describe the outcome of your study in relation to the background and the aim presented in the introduction.
6. Key Words: add 4 key words of your abstract.